Ryan Liew

CEO, VRcollab

Ryan serves as the CEO of VRcollab, which democratises the value of digitalisation for all Architecture-Engineering-Construction stakeholders via making BIM more collaborative, usable, and scalable. Looking ahead, he hopes that VRcollab can be an enabler of collaboration and openness, lead the conversation on digitalisation, and mobilise all industry stakeholders to drive a positive and productive future for the AEC industry.

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Dean Reinhard

Evangelist and Technical Account Manager, Southeast Asia, Epic Games

Dean Reinhard is an evangelist and technical account manager for Epic Games in Southeast Asia and leads the company’s growth in non-game markets such as AEM (Architecture, Engineering, Manufacturing) and M&E (Media & Entertainment). Epic Games is a leading interactive entertainment company and developer of the Unreal Engine, the world’s most open and advanced real-time 3D tool.

As a technologist, engineer, and developer for over 10 years, Dean is passionate about helping everyone — business leaders, product designers, entertainers, newscasters, or architects — hone their creativity through cutting edge technology. He has helped to generate a range of different projects for clients, while winning multiple awards across VR/AR and physical prototyping in the process. In his current role at Epic Games, Dean will be driving the use of Unreal Engine especially in non-games sector, helping companies elevate and disrupt the way creative teams work. He is also a serial entrepreneur, having founded MeshMinds — a company at the intersection of art and technology — and Elevate Tech, which specialises in predictive maintenance. Prior to this, he has also held strategic leadership roles at iris Worldwide and Leo Burnett, among others. 

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Dan Lim

Marketing Manager, Virspatial

Dan graduated with MSc in Management of Technology, specializing in innovation and entrepreneurship at the National University of Singapore. In his early career, he was leading digital transformation projects for Skyworks Inc. IIoT ventures in the manufacturing industry and was involved in projects partnering with start-up companies and MNCs from Uruguay and Singapore in the geo-location tracking and biometric applications. He has also participated in venture fundraising with venture capital, angel investors, and has been instrumental in leading the team toward pitch day. Dan has had experience in managing AR, VR, MR, Digital Twin, and IIoT applications, and at the same time Involved in Digital Twin product development. In his current role, Dan manages Marketing and Ecosystem Partnerships at Virspatial Technologies.

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