Senior Manager, EON Reality

Karthik is a visionary with a strong belief that Virtual and Augmented Reality Technology will create healthy business opportunities globally. Accomplished Operations Manager with more than 7 years of experience focusing on VR and AR projects from initiation to final operational state. Results oriented leader with proven success in building exceptional customer relationships. Proven ability to identify business oppurtunities and provide technical expertise to sales representatives to achieve revenue targets.

Experience in co-ordinating projects extensively throughout many countries in Asia Pacific and also in Middle East. Ability to lead diverse team members globally and motivate them to drive projects to succesful completetion. Utilize the invalauable industry knowledge and on ground experience in resolving complex issues and developing strategic innovations.

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Dr Cheong Chee Leong

Managing Director, Aviation Virtual

Chee Leong is a Civil Engineer by practice, an Academic Professor & Researcher by occupation and now a Virtual Reality Advocate who believes that “What the eyes see and the ears hear, the mind believes” (Houdini).  


Seven years ago, sensing that the timing is right for VR technology to finally take-off, Aviation Virtual was set up to ride the wave. Through implementing innovative applications in Aviation to Building Construction to Healthcare and other industries, Aviation Virtual realised that the “harvest is plentiful but the labourers are few” (in a secular sense). 


Rather than run through the plethora of applications and possibilities, the building and construction industry will be the focus of this presentation to demonstrate how Virtual and Augmented Reality can be used to Preview, Review, Analyse and Control the performance of your building designs before engaging or committing to physical production. One intent is to dispel the misunderstanding about the use of visualisation and encourage more developments for actual utilisations.

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Shi Yanjie

Managing Director, Vouse

Shi Yanjie founded Vouse, a design & technology consultancy in 2016, with a vision to empower communication of ideas through game technologies. Educated as an Architect, he leads a team of passionate and talented architects and engineers to help partners achieve digital transformation goals. He has been involved in and leads the development of Changi Airport Digital Twins Systems since 2017.


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Guillaume Panot

Business and Tech Director, Augmenteed

Guillaume (Giom) has been in mobile apps since 2013 after 15 years in the industrial business. His focus is on developing the business for Augmenteed by offering the best in class procedures digitalization  for the 4.0 frontline worker revolution. 

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