Ender Jiang Shutao

Founder of Hiverlab

With more than 15 years of experiences in communication engineering and creative storytelling, Ender has made futuristic interactive experiences on topics such as urban lifestyle, social changes, smart cities, etc. in various countries such as China, UK, US and Singapore. Since 2014, Ender has been building Hiverlab, a media technology company that drives digital transformation in Asia with a focus on emerging and immersive technologies, such as AR / VR / MR, cloud computing, data analytics, etc. To date, Hiverlab has empowered more than 150 organizations around the world to build their future digital infrastructure, some of which are government agencies and blue chips MNCs. To find out more, please visit: https://www.hiverlab.com.

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Sakib Hassan

Lead Solutions Architect of Hiverlab

Starting his career as a video games developer at Ubisoft, Sakib ventured into various verticals in the tech space from ranging from traditional domains such as banking to emerging industries like fintech and video analytics. Not happy to stay in one domain for long, he is a highly curious individual with deep technical expertise as well as comfort in rubbing elbows with C-suits on the business side of affairs. He has worked major management consultancy firms such as Accenture, as well more traditional IT consultancy firms like DXC Technology where he led a research and development efforts funded by the EDB (Economic Development Board). Sakib is also passionate about flat hierarchical structures and their efficiency as opposed to bureaucracies. He endeavours to apply this in his approach to technology development.

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Mark Frederick Amberg

StarHub Enterprise Business Group 5G Products & Services

Mark is an accomplished leader with over 20 years of experience in the Enterprise Communications arena. He has held leadership roles in Solution Development, Product Management, and Go-to-Market Management. As the Associate Director of StarHub’s Enterprise 5G Products & Services Department, he and his team are responsible for designing and launching new products and services that enable businesses to leverage emerging technologies that 5G Stand Alone (SA) delivers, including Network Slicing, Mission Critical Communications, and Enhanced Mobile Broadband services.

Mark’s StarHub’s career started in 2013 where he joined as the Senior Manager for New Product Development. Through his strong leadership and extensive knowledge in the Telecommunications industry, he and his team upgraded StarHub’s legacy service offering and launched innovative IP-based solutions for their customers. Prior to his current role, Mark held the position of Associate Director of the Converge Services Product Department at StarHub where he led Enterprise Mobile Value-Added Services, Enterprise Voice Services, Messaging Services, and M2M Services. Under his leadership, his team recorded 45% CAGR for Hosted VoIP services and 35% CAGR for IP Trunking Services from 2016 to 2020.

Before joining StarHub, he had stints at multiple leading technology companies in the United States and Singapore from Avaya, Lucent Technologies Bell Laboratories, to Digital Equipment Corporation. Mark is also a holder of 10 design patents for a wide range of electronic  enclosure and packaging designs.

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Alexandrine Platonov

CEO, CoSMo Software

Alexandrine joined CoSMo 4 years ago as CFO then COO, and now CEO. She has experience in risk management, strategy, finance, operations and support management. She previously held a position at Deloitte as a CPA.

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