Event Schedule

  • 2PM - 2.05PM: Opening remarks by PIXEL


  • 2:05PM - 2:20PM: Sharing on 5G challenge by Open Innovation Platform (OIP)


  • 2:20PM - 2:40PM: Sharing by Starhub on 5G Technologies and Applications 
    • Speaker: Mark Frederic Amberg, StarHub Enterprise Business Group 5G Products & Services


  • 2:40PM - 3PM: Sharing by Hiverlab on 5G Use Case Testing 
    • Speaker: Ender, Founder of Hiverlab
    • Speaker: Sakib, Lead Solutions Architect of Hiverlab


  • 3PM - 3:20PM: Sharing by CoSMo Software - Live 5G Demo: 360 Video Broadcast
    • Speaker: Alexandrine Platonov, CEO of CoSMo Software


  • 3:20PM - 3:25PM: 5 minute break


  • 3:25PM - 3.40PM: Question and Answer session & Closing remarks 
  • 02:00 pm - 03:15 pm
    Imagining the 5G Possibilities

    Want to know how 5G can transform your business, or help you deliver more innovative services? 


    Singapore is on track to achieve nationwide 5G coverage by end of 2025, and the stage is set for a vibrant 5G ecosystem here. The possibilities are wide - 5G can accelerate business transformation and digitalisation, and help to develop more innovative services for consumers. in fact, a new $30 million fund has been set up to drive commercial adoption of 5G solutions. 


    Join us at this webinar organised by PIXEL, Starhub and local company Hiverlab and CoSMo Software to see the various 5G possibilities come to life! 

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