SEO - What Is It and How To Make Use of AI

SEO helps to increase the visibility and credibility of a website, which can lead to more traffic, higher conversions, and increased revenue. In today's digital age, search engines are the primary source of information for many people, and having a high search engine ranking can help to establish a brand as a trusted and authoritative source in its industry.


This workshop teaches you how to start with SEO, what you can do yourself and what you probably will need help with. In addition, we will teach you how to write articles using AI in combination with other tools.



Date: 16 February 2023, Thursday

Time: 2pm to 5pm

Location: IMDA PIXEL Seminar Room (Level 2), 10 Central Exchange Green, Singapore 138649




Presenting Partner: Lime Agency


Founded in 2015, Lime Agency is an award-winning branding agency based in Singapore. Their clients include DHI Worldwide, Cocoon Capital and Axxes Solutions.

Event Schedule

  • 02:00 pm - 05:00 pm
    SEO - What Is It and How To Make Use of AI

    2.00 - 2.15 pm - Introduction

    2.15 - 2.45 pm - SEO and Google My Business

    2.45 - 3.15 pm - Finding keyword combinations

    3.15 - 3.30 pm - Break

    3.30 - 4.15 pm - Writing an SEO optimised article (using AI)

    4.15 - 4.30 pm - Backlinks

    4.30 - 4.45 pm - Survey and wrap up

    4.45 - 5.00 pm - Questions


Rigmor Berthier

Marketing Strategist, Lime Agency

Master of Science from NTNU, Norway with a Master Degree in Marketing from HEC, Paris, France.

Over 22 years of experience in marketing, consulting and business management. Successfully built a company from scratch, together with 2 co-founders – with yearly market expansion and profit growth.

Built marketing strategies and brands for over 60 social enterprises and startups over the past 7 years. Worked with global brands represented on all continents of the world.

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Hui Ting Lee

Creative Director, Lime Agency

Leading the Lime and Just Startup creative team.

Created brands for startups, social enterprises and global corporations for the past 7 years. Successfully built a company from scratch, together with 2 co-founders – with yearly market expansion and profit growth.

First prize in Singapore Packaging Design Award. Bronze award in Crowbar award for a book designed with unique Mandarin characters illustration.

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