Evolution of Digital Wellness With ARVR and 5G

Beyond fun and games, see how ARVR, 5G and gamification work hand-in-hand to form meaningful solutions for greater health and wellness. In this webinar, discover how VR can bring you closer to a healthier lifestyle and train future health practitioners! Hear from our speakers and get inspired about the future of digital wellness. 


Date: 19 October 2022, Wednesday

Time: 2.00pm to 3.30pm

Location: Zoom


Slots are limited. Successful registrants will receive an email confirmation on the webinar registration and details .




Presenting Partner: National University Health System (NUHS)

The National University Health System is a group of healthcare institutions in Singapore. The group was formed in 2008 and operates several hospitals, national specialty centres, and polyclinics. The National University Hospital is the largest hospital in the group and serves as the flagship hospital for the cluster.


Presenting Partner: EliteFit.AI

EliteFit. AI is democratising technology traditionally used by elite athletes to keep everyone fit. They uses AI motion-tracking to provide real-time feedback on workout accuracy. Conceptualized in Singapore, tailored for the world


Presenting Partner: MediVR 

MediVR is a Singapore deep-tech start-up that is a leader in creating virtual patients for medical simulation. Their Virtual Patients are powered by Artificial Intelligence and used in both Mixed Reality and Virtual Reality Medical Scenarios.


Supporting Partner: Enterprise Singapore & SGTech

Event Schedule

  • 02:00 pm - 03:30 pm
    Evolution of Digital Wellness With ARVR and 5G

    2.00pm – 2.05pm: Opening by Emcee

    2.05pm – 2.25pm: NUHS 5G Holomedicine Programme

    By NUHS

    2.25pm – 2.45pm: Personal fitness & sports training today and tomorrow

    Featuring personalised fitness with Singtel and SS Yoga

    by EliteFit.AI

    2.45pm – 3.05pm: AI Virtual Patients for Medical Education

    Featuring VR and AI-powered training with NUS and NUH

    by MediVR

    3.05pm – 3.10pm: Sharing on IMDA PIXEL

    By IMDA

    3.10pm - 3.15pm: Sharing on SportSG Innovation Initiatives

    By SportSG

    3.20pm – 3.30pm: Q&A and Closing


Dr Ngiam Kee Yuan

Group Chief Technology Officer, NUHS

Associate Professor Ngiam Kee Yuan is the Group Chief Technology Officer of the National University Health System (NUHS) Singapore overseeing technology deployment in Western Healthcare Cluster of Singapore. In this role, he implements new technologies throughout NUHS and serves as the Chief Advisor to the Center for Innovation in Healthcare in NUHS. Dr Ngiam is concurrently the Deputy Chief Medical Informatics Officer at the National University Hospital of Singapore with a special focus on artificial intelligence research and implementation in healthcare. He has certification training by the American Medical Informatics Association and has published in computing and medical journals on topics related to healthcare AI applications and technology.

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Ani Bhalekar

Co-Founder, and CEO of EliteFit.AI

Ani is the co-founder and CEO of EliteFit.AI - an early stage fit-tech startup that is supported by the Singapore Government. EliteFit.AI democratises technology that has historically been available only to elite athletes and makes it available to everyone on their existing devices.

Before founding EliteFit.AI, Ani was a Vice President and Junior Partner at McKinsey & Company. He drove over one billion dollars worth of client impact via digital transformation projects focused on AI and IoT. Before McKinsey, Ani held global leadership roles at Accenture and Microsoft.  Ani is also a startup advisor and investor. His investments have included Qik which was acquired by Skype for $150 million and Workato, currently valued at $5.7 billion.

He has a master’s degrees from the University of Maryland, College Park and from the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University.

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Aiden Koh

Co-Founder & CTO of MediVR

Aiden Koh is the Chief Technical Officer of MediVR. He has over 3 years of experience in developing Unity applications for enterprise Mixed Reality and Virtual Reality programmes.

These programs range from technical POCs of experimental Mixed Reality hardware by creating and utilising custom libraries to enhance the capabilities of research hardware, to creating custom Natural Language Processing (NLP) solutions for interactive programs applied to medical training. He has also worked alongside Microsoft as Mixed Reality partners to advance their Mixed reality headsets applications in the medical field, by providing developers with the means to develop interactive virtual patients that are interactable through conversation. He has contributed extensively to MediVR's Intellectual Property; the process of synthetically generating multiple Virtual patients and their corresponding medical conversational AI to be deployed in Mixed Reality programs.

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