Future of XR Technologies


Date: 3 September 2021, Friday

Time: 2:30pm to 3:40pm

Location: Virtual Session via Zoom


What is this about?

The Extended Reality (XR) Market is valued at USD 26 Billion in 2020 and is expected to reach USD 463 Billion in 2026, registering a healthy CAGR of over 60% in the next 5 years. So what does XR really mean? It refers to all forms of immersive technologies, such as augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality, as well as other future realities such technologies might bring.


In this webinar, we will explore what are the varied applications of XR technologies, and how it may make business sense for your organisation. The recent pandemic has also pushed many companies to think about potential interactions with employees and customers using extended reality. Engaging the audience during an XR experience is also important, and one popular method is gamification. Hear from our experts on how you may increase interactions and produce more effective XR content.


Who should attend:

  • Organisations with an interest in understanding and adopting XR technologies for your business
  • Technology companies or freelance developers developing XR solutions
  • If you are looking to expand your knowledge about XR and its applications




Event Schedule


  • 2:30PM - 2:45PM: Sharing by SIT and Centre of Immersification (Short 360 virtual tour)
    • Speaker: Jeannie Lee, Associate Professor at Singapore Institute of Technology 


  • 2:45PM - 3:05PM: Sharing on Gamification for XR
    • Speaker: Jeannie Lee, Associate Professor at Singapore Institute of Technology 


  • 3.05pm – 3.25pm: Sharing on Industry Applications of XR
    • Speaker: Kee Cheng Heng, Managing Director at HelloHolo


  • 3.25pm – 3.40pm: Q&A and Closing

  • 02:30 pm - 03:40 pm
    Future of XR Technologies


Jeannie Lee

Associate Professor, Singapore Institute of Technology

Jeannie Lee is currently an Associate Professor with the InfoComm Technology Cluster, and the Deputy Director for the Center for Immersification. Her other key appointment is Programme Leader (Programme Director) for the SIT-University of Glasgow joint degree in Computing Science.


She has deep experience in both industry and academia, and previously worked within an applied research division at Qualcomm in San Diego, California on multimedia algorithms, the Android operating system source code (AOSP) by Google, and the latest wearable and mobile chipsets.


Her research interests are in immersive technologies, mobile computing and user interfaces. Her current research projects involve the development of virtual and mixed reality simulations with industry partners such as HOPE Technik and HelloHolo. She holds a Ph.D. in Computer and Electrical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

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