5G-Enabled Sustainable and Safe Built Environments

Learn about how 5G-enabled augmented and virtual reality technologies are helping to create safer work and living environments for all! Hear from industry experts and users who will tell you more about its impact and how it is done.



Date: 8 February 2023, Wednesday

Time: 2.00pm to 3.00pm

Location: Zoom


Slots are limited. Successful registrants will receive an email confirmation on the webinar registration and details .




Presenting Partner: Datamesh

DataMesh enables traditional enterprises to incorporate smart design, fasten service deployment, and implement low-cost products and services based on data analysis, knowledge graph, machine learning and visualisation. DataMesh is building FactVerse, an Enterprise Metaverse based on Digital Twin platform and XR technology. FactVerse brings the open-world gaming architecture and scenario designers to the enterprise world, breaking the barrier of spatial data processing and real-time 3D collaboration, enabling front-line workers to benefit from modern workspace technology and increase productivity.


Presenting Partner: Gammon

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Gammon has a reputation for delivering high quality projects throughout China and Southeast Asia, as well as offering innovative solutions and services to our customers. At Gammon, they focus on our customers' needs and how they can best use our abilities and resources to add value for customer through innovative and sustainable solutions. 


Presenting Partner: Mind PointEye

 Mind PointEye, founded by Professor Guang-Bin Huang, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, is an innovative AI solution company that focuses on AI services, design and development of Edge AI service and Cloud AI service technology. The company has a global AI talent team and adopts both “Power-to-the-edge” AI service and Cloud AI service in the end-to-end AI solution build and implementation. Advocating Learning-on-Chip technics, it is one of the few leading companies focusing on seamless integration of Cloud AI and Edge AI. 


Supporting Partner: Enterprise Singapore, Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE) & PMO ( Smart Nation Office)

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