Hari Nair

Co Founder of Zuno

Hari is one of the co-founders and CEO of Zuno – an AI company focusing on the application of deep learning for emissions tracking and sustainability. Hari has over 5 years of experience in product development and working on sustainability and deep tech consulting in several regions.

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Uzair Javaid

CEO of Betterdata

Uzair Javaid, co-founder and CEO of betterdata, has a PhD in Data Security and Privacy from the National University of Singapore. He has been designing security techniques and hacks for the past 4 years, and was also able to ethically hack the Ethereum blockchain to guess the private keys of 670 wallets. Previously, he was with Merkle Science, a blockchain analytics company providing crypto compliance solutions, as a Software Engineer and Business Development Associate.

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Kim Dong Yup

Technical director in DLABs Pte Ltd

Kim Dong Kyun is the technical director in DLABs Pte Ltd. He is leading the digital and AI teams to accelerate the digitalization of the building industry.


He originates from South Korea and has both master’s and bachelor’s degrees in Architectural Engineering and Environmental Planning. His training in the diverse fields of architectural, engineering, and environmental planning allowed him to have a holistic understanding of the intimate interactions and integrations between these 3 key aspects of buildings, particularly on how architectural and engineering systems affect the overall performance of a building.


Kim has more than 10 years of hand-on experiences on building physics engineering, parametric modelling, big data analytics, energy and thermal dynamics modelling and related building fields. Kim specialises in data driven building simulations and operating data analysis. He assists architects, engineering consultants and ESD consultants in optimising building designs from concept design stages right through to building operational stages, achieving as much as 35% in energy savings during actual operational stages.


Kim is well versed with the AI algorithm and big data analytics. Recently, he has built AI building analytics module, AI driven battery management system, and AI fault prediction algorithms to detect fire risks in the building. He uses this knowledge to automate the building design process with his team. 

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